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Established in 2021, we have a great opinion in working on projects and clients.


By the Chairman ,Welcome to all 

‌I as the founder of Kosasia is very excited because this historic koasia will make history soon. 
‌We have consistently delivered world-beating projects that make larger competitors admire us, and at the same time, our own people believe that their organization is among the best places to work. With these successes to guide us, we have a reasonable view of what sort of future we want to create.
‌While we are on the subject of growth, I have always maintained that that no organization is an island. We are part of the larger social fabric. If societies do not succeed, businesses will invariably fail. This realization has been integral to our thought process. That is why we have stayed engaged with the society beyond business; that is why our mission statement says that we help businesses and societies flourish. Our outreach has been consistently noticed and admired. We feel encouraged with the recognition, but it is neither legal bindings nor admiration that makes us do what we do. Being socially sensitive is integral to our DNA. Please pay attention to our Business Responsibility Report. At  Koasia, your investment serves a larger purpose even as we deliver value to our immediate stakeholders.

‌God willing,

‌Thank you.


‌The world is seeing a crisis of unprecedented nature and effects. All the scenarios experienced up until now have been suddenly overwhelmed by this unstoppable chain of events. This prompts me to share a few thoughts with you. The first one is the pride I feel for what an extraordinary organization Koasa is, thanks to all of you. We are united by a common culture of discipline, flexibility, and co-operation that makes us unbeatable in the face of events like this, in the face of adversity. We are going to overcome the difficulties of the moment, and we will do so, as always, by helping society do the same, in all the countries where we operate, co-operating responsibly and in solidarity with the authorities. The second is that we are going to keep providing the necessary resources to offer the maximum protection possible to all our colleagues and their families, as well as to our customers and collaborators. To this effect, the Executive Committee meets on a daily basis to monitor the evolution and the effects of the situation and to support the work of our COVID-19 Monitoring Committee. At this time, Koasia role as a supplier of essential products and services is especially significant because, without them, it would become impossible to meet society’s basic needs in these difficult times, especially the needs of the sick and the groups most affected by the coronavirus. It is crucial that we sustain the present efforts to be able, as fast as possible, to return to the path to prosperity and development that we have temporarily had to leave in the background. There is no doubt that this crisis is going to bring about irreversible changes in the ways that we think and work. It makes me proud to see how smoothly we have been able to roll out telework and other flexibility measures to all the activities of our company. The progress already made in digitalization and in the introduction of new ways of working have made this possible. This must serve as a platform for us to speed up our transformation as a company so that we will always be prepared for the unexpected. To conclude, allow me to put forth two additional considerations. In the first place, the effects of this pandemic present us with new challenges. The energy sector will undergo new changes in sync with global society. Together we will be able to meet these challenges, with the help of all of you, as well as that of our customers, partners, providers, shareholders, and union representatives. Finally, I wish to address those of you that have been affected by this disease, personally or through your nearest relations. I send you my warmest embrace and wish you a speedy recovery in the name of everyone in the company.

Regional Partner Signing Ceremony

While partnership and partnering share some of the same qualities, they are different concepts in business. A partnership is a legal entity, a form of business. Partnering is a method of running the business. Small business owners might find partnering as a beneficial tactic to increase profits.

New Office Opening Ceremony

Make 2021 the best year yet for your small business with our seven tips to improve sales volume, focus your marketing efforts, find new sources of revenue and build even stronger relationships with your existing customers.


The Ideal of Koasia for the 21st Century Creating a more human lifestyle and sustainable society through the concerted efforts of autonomous citizens

‌This ideal reflects the co-op's unchanging belief that it values and works for people's happiness and its vision for the future.

‌We will utilize the power that comes from the connections between people, including governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals, in addition to the connections between consumer co-ops and other co-operatives. With the power of connections, we will realize the following five goals. 

1. Rich life throughout a lifetime 
‌We will extend our usefulness to everyone, focusing on food, and create business which benefits everyone throughout a lifetime. 

2. Local communities where people can live with the sense of security
‌ We will become an essential part of local infrastructures and support people’s lives and community network. 

‌3. Sustainable Malaysia and the world where no one is left behind
‌ We will work together with people around the world to realize a sustainable and inclusive society. 

4. A sparkling co-op where every member and staff is lively
‌ We will realize sound management that will continue into the future and a co-op where every member and staff can shine vibrantly. 

5. A co-op that connects more people 
‌We will create a co-op that connects many people and strengthen the solidarity and foundation of our activities.

We will work together for your creative project 

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