Centralise Labour Quarters (CLQ)
IR4 Integrated

Executive Summary

‌Malaysia is a growing country with vast development sector in industry, agriculture, construction and services industry which need of foreign manpower especially in 3D jobs which is Dangerous, Dirty and Difficult. Accommodation is in need for this foreign worker and some worker can’t get a place to stay because of rejection of local people is not welcome.

‌This issue need to resolve as soonest if not will become illegal worker issue. We take this opportunity to provide a Centralise Labour Quarters (CLQ). A worker comprehensive camps.

‌By providing this CLQ, We are able to resolve the developer issue on foreign labour worker accommodation and additional services such as transportation and food.

Why CLQ Business?

‌“Worker Stay Solution” concept comprehensive camp provide a better living condition to foreign workers in Malaysia. Approximately 2 million of foreign workers registered under the Temporary Visiting Work Permit (Pas Lawatan Kerja Sementara), continuing growth of the foreign workers create a new and huge market of accommodation.

‌Provide high quality worker comprehensive camp.

‌To create a better and safer living condition for foreign workers in Malaysia.

‌Now is the time to have a proper accommodation with ISO Standard and compliance with Local Municipal Council. A whole new concept to provide more systematic and control management of CLQ with Gated and Guarded security. This will ensure the safety and comfort for foreign worker which also ease the Construction company management of their workers.

‌By looking at Statistics Report as show in Figure 1, the potential of worker accommodation is huge. With our new concept CLQ provide a total solution for factory owner which can ease their worker accommodation, transportation and others daily needs.

Fortunes Victoria Management

The new concept of CLQ will eventually will become the model of all development projects in Malaysia towards develop country.

Why CLQ Business?


Fortunes Victoria Management Sdn Bhd establish in 2007 founded by Mr. Kaw Hon Kee to provide factory or construction worker camps in Malaysia with 2nd Home Concept.

‌The inspired idea come from the Mr. Kaw Hon Kee who believe in human rights and treating everyone equally without an prejudice in order to increase productivity especially workers that contribute to our country development. Hence, Fortunes Victoria Management is formed to increase quality of life in terms of living environment and personal needs.

‌Having experience in managing Centralized Labour Quarters (CLQ) with several well known contractors or companies for couple of years and been recognized by most of his clients regarding its excellent quality and service provided.

Business Plan

Fortunes Victoria Management Sdn Bhd to propose Design and build 100 CLQ units in Malaysia with ISO Standard within 5 years. This intention is to expand the business by providing accommodation, manpower and transpotations facilities throughout in Malaysia.

To provide a Home to our Foreign worker. Stay Better, Eat Better and Work Better.

To provide quality manpower by providing skill training before on work duties at client site. Together we develop a better skill and discipline  workers in Malaysia.

A new organization structure as show in figure 2, new formation to manage 100 CLQ units by segmenting in Zoning. Location of  the CLQ will need a minimum of 1 acre of land  providing accommodation, manpower and transpotations facilities.


Worker stay solution often comes with transportation request. It is estimate around RM100,000 per CLQ upon full capacity. In future, company plan to have our own buses, vans and workshop, to increase efficiency and cost saving.

Accommodation Worker Stay Solution (WSS)
Company will launch card system with server, to monitor and manage our worker occupancy and daily activities. In future, company plan to have IT department to develop in house app to link up all CLQ on this app.

Manpower Supply Solution (MSS)
MSS app also part of our development plan, to monitor overtime, wages, and manpower request from different sector and area.
-This app will build the good relationship with worker, company and client.
-To pick up ad hoc request, and timely respond to it.